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I'm really grappling with this issue for Morocco this March. I just hate the thought of having to wear a jacket of any sort...forget about the "Pressure-style" suit. Had one, nearly died of heat prostration at the GNCC in Georgia...and it was only March!

Looked at the TekVest during P2D and again lately...seems awful bulky and hot.

So far, it looks like I'm going "old school"...heck, I'm old enough it just seems regular for me Planning on a long sleeve cool max type of undershirt, Cannondale biking shorts, MX pants, Alpinestar Vector boots, (haven't figured out the socks yet), hockey-style knee pads (Canadian eh?), summer jersey, Answer chest protector with Camelback zip tied to the back of it.

Here's a tip for the zip-tied Camelback set up. The extra weight of the pack tends to make the front of the chest protector ride up and jam into your adams apple. Run another long zip tie through the front, bottom of the protector, the loop long enough to thread your pants buckle through. Holds your pants up and your chest protector down.

...oh...and a kidney belt too...which I'm not sure does anything except help to hold my gut in. (And it doesn't even do that too well!)

Tried the el-cheapo EVS neck brace...thought it was useless. Couldn't even get my helmet on properly and I thought it would put too much pressure on my collarbones in a crash.

Guess I'll probably have to spring for the "full Monty" Leatt...I'm afraid of getting the new cheap one that has no adjustment in it.

Troy Lee Designs helmet, Thor goggles and two sets of gloves, "high top" leather and vented MX to use depending on the conditions. I'm also trying PalmSavers, which so far look like quite the trick set up for avoiding blisters.

Still TBD....elbow pads...never wear them, hate them. Seem to be either too tight and cutting off your circulation or falling down onto your wrists. Still...I hate the thought of doing a Charlie Boorman in the rocks and crunching and elbow.

Then the jacket...jury is still out as to what the heck I'm going to do there. Maybe go for one with removable sleeves. I know there have been questionalbe reviews on it, but liked the looks of the M2R "Rallycross" jacket. Available colours suck though.
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