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Originally Posted by johno
Might have to change to a lighter oil in my forks. Running 5w at the moment. Standard Yammy is 2.5w. I dont have a lot of static sag with my YZ450 forks. Could have been set up firm by PO for serious MX.
Works better on rough stuff than smaller bumps.
Will give me something to play with
I am contemplating the same mod with the YZ forks on my Dakar.

I am curious about spring rates on your bike. Ski... said he thought his were a .52. Yama OEM or stock for KYB 48Us come with .46 or .44 for 450 and 250F respectively per Racetech (same on the 46U). The stock GS is .62 and Racetech thinks I need a .86 on the GS (160lbs no gear) but they don't make them. I am currently running the TT upgraded springs but don't know there rating.

So what's the story on race and static sag on the GS Dakar with the standard Yamie springs. I don't understand how a spring sooooo much softer than the stock BMW spring could be too stiff with too little sag? Damping would bleed down under the weight so what am i missing
Please help me understand this.

Great thread and I am looking forward to the upgrade...

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