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Bluhduh Where is perfection? (whining rant coming)

As someone who has spent a few months agonizing over cases...

Does anyone have pics of Jesse's installed?
In every objective way I look at it Jesse's are winners. Price, size, width (plus if you add the optional rack it only becomes a stronger objective win). Subjectively though, from looking at Jesse's website of their system installed, those cases just don't visually "fit" with the bike at all. The shape, the color matching. I guess maybe I'm just being a style-wh0re, but I feel like I should be entitled to having good quality functional gear that compliments the bike too.

The BMW and Trax look effin great and functional and the prices are decent, 900-1500 but even my soon to be step mother's arse isn't so wide! If motorcycles had a reverse gear there should be a little horn beeping when you back up with those... (especially in the case of the Trax, but that's BMWs fault for the fat exhaust can and so even if you got a skinnier can, most racks for the 800/650 are built to accomodate the can not solving the problem)
(on a note, the max I want to spend is 1500 ish).

Don't like to side loading/opening plastic varios/pelis, etc. I'll take aluminum.

And that 1500 brings me to MetalMule. Love 'em. The cases, especially the black and silvers, are awesome. Good frames, not so wide, good capacity... at British prices they're not so bad considering you get a new slimmer exhaust to boot (2 grand without the 15% VAT that the locals pay) but since you HAVE to go through BestRest as MM won't directly sell to US residents, it is made more difficult in that they cost $2600+ to purchase them stateside. Yeah, I'm whining right now... welcome, Jordan, to the world of farkling.

So I will stop ranting as soon as someone posts pictures of Jesses mounted and I decide that after a good black powdercoating I might just like them..
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