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Pissed FRONT TIRES (wailing & gnashing of gums....)

Unfortunately the Maxxis 6006 130/80 - 18 has been disc. by manuf., so I have been informed by Bike Bandit 888-339-3888 in the cancellation of my tire order.

Still available are the Dunlop 606 size 130/90 - 18 in similar aggressive tread pattern. (Which I now have one order...
Height is 10mm larger with the 606, but this is so little that it will probably not cause any greater problems with the minimal clearance front fender than with stock tire.

Another possibility is the Metzler 140/80 - 18 (possibly a 130?/80) MCE Karoo, which I am told is not quite as aggressive a pattern as the Dunlop 606, or the late lamented Maxxis 6006.

Expect to have some confusion in ordering because tires of the right size for a front tire on our T-Dub's are generally listed as a REAR tires.
(If it IS "directional", run the little arrow BACKWARDS since it was put on to indicate direction of rotation of a DRIVEN(rear) tire.)

Why a more aggresive tread than stock Bridgestone?
The stock front tire is designed more for pavement than dirt or gravel and (hopefully!) the more aggressive tread will bite thru loose stuff and grip on sometheing soiid while still performing on pavement fairly well.(I might be on pavement 1 mile in 15 or 20 on dirt/gravel...)

Rear tires on a mimimally powered bike that are this WIDE, (180/80 - 14), don't need any more aggressive tread than stock Bridgestone, IMO.
You want to be able to slide a bit (as long as it is on the BACK tire!)
Also, if you "hook-up" your rear off-road in rocks etc. like a cog railway, you are more tended to get gear-lash/chain-snatch that sounds like you are knocking the bottom end out of your engine.
A little "slip" here is not a bad thing. (Again, IMO)

Paradox Pete
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