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Should be ready to ship in Late Jan in Europe

Originally Posted by osteo
I've got a windstopper neck gaitor sort of thing I am going to try for the sandblast. It is fairly thin so we'll see how it works out.

I've tried ordering this a couple times, but it is not available in NA. Anyone able to import??

I have one on order from KTM. Latest info shows them being available in late January 2009. I placed my order in early November. Even though the KTM and BMW Leatt are the same (absent color) BMW does not make a cover ... ONLY KTM.

The dealer pulled up my order 2 days ago and no ship date was given. However, when they enter it in as a "new" order it listed January as a date when it would be available. MSRP is 30 Euros.

Also regarding Jackets, I run the KTM Rallye Jacket. Retired my BMW Rally 2 Pro so I could comfortably use the Leatt as ATGATT (BMW R2P will work with Leatt brace over jacket; just not as comfortable) I did see that Troy Lee Designs has a Leatt friendly jacket with zip off sleeves. For me the slight price increase of the KTM over the Acerbis was made up for by the waterproof liner the KTM has (better for Romania's "Continental" climate). If all my riding was desert I would probably has bought the Acerbis due primarily to the light color. I plan on using a Acerbis Koerta pressure suit and ditching the KTM Armour. KTM Armour is OK; just not as good as the BMW NP Armour in the R2P...

Just my $ .02
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