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Originally Posted by Dert Gerl
The bike is definately a bit touchy in really technical stuff. Where I had trouble was getting started again on a loose rocky uphill after dumping my bike. I stalled it out 2 or 3 times before I got it going. Part of it on my end it just getting more seat time with the bike. What I will say is that the Rekluse does help in situations like that. It slips the clutch when the rear wheel starts to lose traction so the bike doesn't spin out from underneath you in hill climb situations. The downside I found was that if the bike did stall it is essentially in neutral, so if you're climbing a hill and don't have time to grab the brakes after the bike stalls you're sliding backwards. Not a real confindence enspiring feeling. They have alot of positives but there are some trades offs as well.
I'm not a great rider or anything, but why not just slip the clutch on rock hill climbs yourself and maybe gear it a bit lower for the trip?

I have no experience riding a bike as big as a gs offroad, so maybe i don't understand.
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