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John hobbit and his triumph

mick bulter on cyclops

closest to camera: 348cc bsa "earwig" rider is John Clift

Brian Chapman 500cc vincent single

Originally Posted by MeRide
Back in the day racers made their bikes from scratch. Very few production parts were made for drag racing. Only a few years later you could build a drag bike from a catalog. But back in the late 1960's and early 1970's those racers were building based on drag strip experimentation and learning along the way. We forget this with today's computer aided design measures. It was so much more challenging then.

Thats just fucking it ! God damn I wish I grew up back then. I think what turns me off from modern racing [although I'm trying to get into it - it's like seafood ] is that everything is down to a formula, you know? Where's the fun in that? Really what modern racing seems to come down to [in my book] is who's got the fattest wallet.... and that's just lame.

....It seems like it used to be about who was more dedicated.

I love trial and error engineering and the resilience these guys had when something didn't work out. I love guys like Hobbit who have been racing the same damn bike and modding the same damn bike since 1965 ! The relationship between those two must be outstanding. I need to learn that kind of patience.

I don't know what sparked this resurgence of mine to get this thread going. I think I stumbled upon that first pic of the triumph with the blower and remembered how amazing these old ideas were.

... probably doesn't help that there's a drag strip <10mi from me I can't wait to run the BSA.
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