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Originally Posted by bajaboundmoto
It was all roadbook, pre-GPS back then.
It was a fantastic experience.
Since I imagined that it was a one-time event, I just bought the $70 plastic Acerbis road book holder. At the time, I just couldn't see justifying a $200+ electronic road book holder that I would never use again. I mounted it up high on a metal frame so it was easier to view. But that meant that the advancement knob was just sticking out in space, not mounted on the handle bar near the grip. So not only did I have to advance it manually but I had to take my left hand completely off the handle bar. And of course as many of you are probably familiar, the vibration made the road book unwind. So I was constantly having to take in the slack and then advance to the next directions.

Johnny Campbell won in 1995. At that time he was a up-and-coming desert racer. There is some great video footage of him from the 1994 rally being totally snookered by Alain Olivier. When Olivier noticed that Johnny was shadowing him for navigation, he purposely took a wrong turn, went to little ways in the wrong direction, pulled to the side and faked a mechanical problem. Then when Johnny went roaring by, Olivier turned around and continued on the correct path. Not sure how far Johnny went before he figured out he had been had!
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