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where does this lead?
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Originally Posted by FlyingFinn

To tune the damping I ride her bike up and down a twisty and bumpy local highway that's as if made for suspension testing.

But how should I "compensate" the damping settings for our weight difference?

In other words, if springs are set correctly for 120lb rider and a 180lb rider is tuning the bike, will the the same rebound settings that are best for the 180lb rider also be the optimal settings for a 120lb rider?

My personal quess is that since the rebound damping controls the energy stored in the springs, then the rebound setting is mostly set to match the springs, not the rider's weight.

You are already well into the stroke of the suspension without the input from the road, and the bike will not react properly for her if you try to fix what you feel is too much or too little movement.
Most adjustable suspension systems are position sensitive, look at where the sag is set proper for her and the difference when you sit on it.
She may not even feel the bump that you're trying to adjust away, because she has much more range of travel in the suspension that is properly set for her weight.
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