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Originally Posted by Sonex522
On the track, you're going a lot faster so you need the suspension to be faster which means rebound settings which would be harsh on the street.
Not claiming to understand all the interactions but the above statement doesn't make sense to me.
Faster speed -> need suspension to allow tires react quicker to road surface irregularities does make sense.

But to make "suspension faster" you would use LESS rebound damping, not more. Right?

For track use I can see how stiffer springs might make sense to reduce the change in bikes attitude and reduced ground clearance when either heavy on the brakes on way banked over. The stiffer springs (less suspension travel?) would in turn require more rebound damping to keep movements controlled.
But is springs are kept same for street vs. track setup, I don't quite get why more rebound damping would be good on track IF the rebound is properly set for street use.

In other words, the way I see it a suspension that's comfortable (compliant, responsive and doesn't "wollow") is also good for fast riding. No?

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