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Originally Posted by Paradox Pete
Just received my Dunlop tire and took it by a "good neighbor" who is still into bikes despite being older than I am, and who used to race quite a bit...

"I approve of the well-buttressed knobs. They won't squirm like siped ones or ones that aren't supported as well....Also, they'll provide a solid anchor for your screw-in ice studs from KoldKutter."

Even tho it is DOT approved for the street, this is a pretty gnarly knobby, designed for the rear wheel but being run on the front of my T-Dub as soon as I can get it mounted.

Paradox Pete
Hey Pete, thanks for the info on the rear sprocket, now I have another dumb question about the D606 if you don't mind. How much taller is the Dunlop compared to the stock front tire? If you could measure the stock front tire's diameter while still mounted and then measure the D606's diameter after you have it mounted it would be greatly appreciated.

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