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Originally Posted by Paradox Pete
THe Bike Bandit guy (Dave) told me it woudl be 10mm taller, but I am not sure whether he was talkign merely SIZE (80 stock to 90 on 606....), or if the larger knobs were taken into account.
THere might be clearance problems with stock front fender(???)
Stock set-up is minimal as it is, gumbo mud or even an occassioanl rock got sucked thru mine dragging between fender & tire.

Once I get down to pick up my re-worked T-Dub at Dauntless Motors, I'll measure stock tire vs. 606.

Paradox Pete
Thanks for the reply Pete. I'm trying to decide between the D606 and another rear knobby (DOT approved) for the front of the T-Dub so any info on the 606 will help because I already have the other tire's diameter (run one on the rear of my KTM). I was also thinking that the 120/90-18 D606 might be another way to go depending on the diameter of the 130/90-18.

Thanks again,
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