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Hey, glad to hear from another 230L person.

Great bike. I've been riding it a lot in the snow--spinning circles on the street in front of my house, and slugging my way through fields of deep powder.

My impressions: its my first motorcycle, so I can't really compare, but it sure beats my old Honda Express II--especially off road, as you can imagine ... too bad the myriad trails that were around when I had the Honda Express are now subdivisions!

Customization: XRs only billet rack, some generic atv handguards from Bass Pro (soon to be replaced real ones, I hope), some generic hippo-hands clones that I couldn't ride without , some d606s (with the intent to stud ... but now that I have them on, I am loath to mess them up with studs ...) self tapping studs from aerostich, unused, and a 12 tooth front sprocket, since the D606s were so huge, and rubbed the mudflap.

I'll post pics when I have moment to breath.
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