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Originally Posted by kodiakfrank
I understand the concept of directional tires. I still do not understand why you are mounting a "directional" tire counter to it's designed direction.

The tire is designed to rotate in a given direction to provide clearing of the tread, wether you're dealing with water, mud, or snow. By running the tire in the opposite direction you would be hampering the clearing action of the tread design.

As far as the rear tire being driven by the chain and the front tire being driven by the ground, I really don't see the difference in the dynamic action of tread.
To use a grossly exaggerated example, a tractor with chevron "directional" treads will "clean-out" when driven fwd., even if the tire is slipping againt the surface.
If the tractor slides fwd. with brakes locked the (the ground is workign agaisnt the wheel rather than the wheel being powered agaisnt the ground), mud & turf are jammed into the center of the "V" of the chevrons, same as if you spin the wheels in reverse.

Thankfully the 606 is non-directional so this is a non-issue on the front end.
If I got to a "square" automotive winter directional tread like Frank Colver did on his rear wheel it's simple....I just mount in the direction of rotation the factory says to...

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