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Oaxaca Revisited

Nir and I rode the wonderfully twisty hwy 131 to Oaxaca to meet up with Scott and this cutie... remember her?

Guille added a valuable new phrase to my Spanish vocabulary, amigos con derechos

I had a lot more fun in Oaxaca this time 'round. We stayed in cute hostels downtown, my Spanish was much better, and I had lots of friends to play tourist with.

Now that I've sampled nearly all of Mexico, I can fairly authoritatively state that the food in Oaxaca is The Best. It's not quite as spicy as what you find in the north, but it's incredibly savory and rich:

I was completely dumbfounded to find genuine *communists* in Oaxaca! Complete with soviet-esque flag and mugshots of Lenin and Stalin!

Don't they print history books in Spanish? Once again, I found myself wishing I had this on a tshirt... maybe translated into Spanish on the back:

Guille and I spent a day at Monte Alban (she'd never been):

The four of us (me, Guille, Nir, and Scott) took an all-day tour that brought us by a weaving demonstration...


...a surreal cold spring formation called Hierve El Agua (more or less "the water boils")...

...and a Mezcal distillery. First they bake the agave hearts (no picture), then they mash them:

Then they ferment the mush:

Then they distill it:

After three not-nearly-long-enough days in Oaxaca, we said goodbye to Scott (for now) and rode to Mexico City, taking Guille as my pillion:

She hopped on a bus to Guanajuato and that's the last I've seen of her, although we still talk regularly over IM.
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