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Hey Guys -

Buddy is coming over on Saturday so I can help him clean up his wiring on his is his question and I'm looking for some input if anyone sees any problems...

Here is his concern:

On his XR he installed a 200 watt RS stator and a 100 watt 8" race light. He is running 1 200 watt system instead of 2 100 watt systems. He just plugged this into his exisitng Baja Designs a result the 100 watt for the headlight will go through the BD handle bar switch........Ricky Stator and a few others say it's fine.......but others have said use a relay and get the load off the switch.....

Curious why someone suggested a relay for the headlights unless the wiring or switch is under rated which I will check out. Only looking at 8 amps going through the switch. I can understand using a relay when a battery is in the circuit but can't think of a reason with a bike with no battery (except under rated wiring-switch as mentioned).

Thanks for any input....
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