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Probably the first thing to do would be to get a /6 large tank and have it painted to match your bike. I've had and have both the large tank as well as the "Sport" tank and after running one for a decade or so, I know very well what a hassel the smaller tanks can be. Especially when your riding with other guys and have to stop all the time for fuel.

OTOH, with either tank you'll have to fill it up and stopping every hundred or hundred-fifty miles or so isnt the worst idea in the world.

Look around on IBMR or Ebay for a used tank or contact some of the used parts dealers. A shitty tank might cost you $150 but you can occasionally buy a NOS tank for $200 to $250. (Thats how much I paid for mine.) Just make sure that the bottoms solid and it isnt dented up. Around here, having the dents pulled out of an otherwise good tank costs as much as an undented tank costs!

PS: The Lufty saddle tanks currently bring $400 in mice/mint shape. Thats a lot of money to carry a little extra fuel but then again, how much would you pay for a gallon of gas if youre stuck at night, in 40 degree weather in the Adirondack Mtns, with no gas, during a rainstorm in October? Been there and woulda paid whatever you asked per gal! Loll!! If youre into Bling those tanks are BMW geek-magnets and they'll only go up in price. If you like the way they look (I do.) and dont mind the plumbing hassel, they might not be a bad investment.

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