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Originally Posted by MonkeyPlunger
I forgot to update my profile to change from Green Valley to Corona de Tucson. Here is a preliminary plan when i lived in green valley. I hope the link works as it came out pretty long.,1.230469&z=10

I went with another group a while back the went from tucson via reddington pass to san maneul and then around to take some 4x4 trail up the back side of mt. lemmon and back to tucson. it was a blast and would not mind doing agian.

Last weekend i went camping up mt graham (in my truck) and would like to plan a motorcycle camping trip up back there in the early spring.

I am pretty much up to any ride. Unfortunaly i have the same illness that seems to be cronic with many others. i have not been able to find a cure for this illness. the only thing in know about this illness is that it is called WORK. I have subscribed to this thread and will make an effort to check often, and to plan a ride.
I would be interested in that, depending on how difficult the roads are. I stink offroad and as you know the 990 is no light beast. I'm looking to get the first service done next weekend in PHX (performance wants $600+) and I am up for a ride on Saturday, Feb 7.
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