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Originally Posted by XRider
Don't connect the RS stator in parallel (both 100w legs) to the Baja D reg/rect. You will smoke the reg/rect. as it is only rated for 130w. You will also smoke the battery pack. If your buddy wants to run a 100w headlight power it from one of the 100w legs from the stator and install an AC regulator (and a 15 amp fuse). That way you can leave the Baja kit alone. If you want to be able to turn the 100w light on and off you'll need to install a relay. Most switches can't handle the current used by that big light but one of those small (about 1" square) automotive relays will be up to the task. I have two 55w halogen off road lights on my XR. I connected a wire to the high beam indicator lamp to trigger the relay. So the halogens go on automaticly when I switch on the high beam. BTW if you look at the instructions that came with the rickey stator you'll see that they recomend useing the 200w single output configuration for a pure AC system only. And only if you can find a heavy duty AC regulator.

BTW I did the very thing you and your friend are planing and cooked $120 worth of parts. No reason both of us have to learn the hard way. I can send you a schematic of how I have my lights hooked up if you want. Just PM me.

- PM sent. He all ready has the bike wired and it's working. I downloaded the RS schematics and see what you are referring too regarding the single 200w output stator. I'll know more tomorrow when I actually see the bike.

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