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Originally Posted by pdedse
Small world!! I went back to the beginning of your report to find out more about that black/silver/green? KLR650 I saw later in the trip. I came across the above photo and said to myself...wait a minute...THAT looks really familiar. Saw that the posting was from April 25...I was IN Zacatecas late April for a quick three day trip. While on a walking tour, I saw these bikes by Hostel Villa Colonial and asked about them...hostel guy told me the mc owners were 2 folks on a 6 month trip learning Spanish. I snapped a photo...they've got to be the same bikes, right?
Yep! A couple from San Francisco whose names I can't remember. That picture must have been taken after Gavin and I left, otherwise our bikes would be there too. They had ridden south through the Copper Canyon but the girl was a relatively new rider and having a very rough time of it. One of the times she dropped the DR650 tore a hole in the side of the engine, dumping oil everywhere. The guy had to fix it then and there with JB-Weld.

I hope the rest of their trip turned out better!

San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
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