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Another shortstop before the drop into Andermatt and an experience of the “special kind”…
Needing to fill up, I stopped at the petrol station at the edge of town. Taking the browser—nothing works.
The young attendant grabs the hose and proceeds the fill up someone else !!?
I wait, and then try again. Once more, nothing works. He asks if I want to pay by card, confirming that, I’m told to punch in my PIN.
“That won’t work with a German card! Always the Germans—nothing but trouble”
Some back and forth, we settle on cash.
Petra asks him if he doesn’t like Germans…. No, hates them!
Handing over the change he drops (deliberately) some coins to the floor…he also hangs onto part of the change…as a tip!!!
By now I had enough and insisted on all of it, last time ever I’ve stopped at this place!

The Andermatt- Göschenen stretch calmed the nerves again.
Here a beautiful, narrow road climbs to the Göscheneralp (1797 m) ab, a little side-trip NOT to be missed. Everyone enjoyed the winding and traffic-free asphalt crowned by a good Cappuccino.
A quick return trip to Lake Göscheneralp, with some grand views into the High Mountains

Lake Göscheneralp

Back to Göschenen and on to Wassen, turning up the Sustenpass (2224 m) Another brilliant bike road of Central Switzerland, this is a load of fun.
A-grade bend-surfing!!!

Sustenpass/Stein Glacier

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