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Originally Posted by MeRide
...Back in the day racers made their bikes from scratch. Very few production parts were made for drag racing. Only a few years later you could build a drag bike from a catalog. But back in the late 1960's and early 1970's those racers were building based on drag strip experimentation and learning along the way. We forget this with today's computer aided design measures. It was so much more challenging then. And they had real disadvantages when it came to technology. For example, traction. Nobody was making wide drag slicks for motorcycles so riders typically smoked the rear tire all the way down the track or got lucky and hooked up along the way netting a quicker ET or higher speed. Somewhere around 1973 or so came the advent of car tire bikes, slipper clutches, wheelie bars, and other things that would take the sport to another level.

Keep in mind that drag bikes are yet another form of the diverse sport of motorcycling! Whether drag racing, land speed record seeking, on the dirt, on the road, the dirt track, the road racing track, etc. its all motorcycling!
Don't you know someone with an old school drag bike? Perhaps you could post some pictures of it.

Neat thread.

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