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Originally Posted by mymindsok
PS: The Lufty saddle tanks currently bring $400 in mice/mint shape. Thats a lot of money to carry a little extra fuel but then again, how much would you pay for a gallon of gas if youre stuck at night, in 40 degree weather in the Adirondack Mtns, with no gas, during a rainstorm in October? Been there and woulda paid whatever you asked per gal! Loll!! If youre into Bling those tanks are BMW geek-magnets and they'll only go up in price. If you like the way they look (I do.) and dont mind the plumbing hassel, they might not be a bad investment.
Cool. Then I have something "super special".
I have the LAST, as in final Lufty side tank sold.
I bought it from Matt well after he had shuttered luftmeister and opened South Bay Triumph.

I only have one tank (I only could use one and he only had one left I was putting it on a R80st)

If someone's looking for this tank you can ping me and we can talk.

I never mounted it. Too much a hassle. I just bought a bigger tank for my ST.
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