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Pissed Same here!

I dropped my bike off on Dec. 13th. I been waiting for a pump ever since. There have been two delivery dates that have come and gone, the last one being the 21st. When I called on the 21st to make plans to pick up my bike the service manager informs me that the pump that was due that day is now not " available for world wide distribution" until after the first of Feb! What a bunch of FUCKING BULL SHIT. I didn't pay $14k to have my bike sit in a dealer's back room waiting for parts. Az leamon law is on my side. If after 30 day they are not able the return my bike in running order they are obligated to replace it or refund the money. The wheels are rolling now, to replace my bike. I gave them a week or they can write a check. I know that the new pump has a different part number. How much differant the pumps are is any body's guess. We pay more for the BMW in order to get better quality, better reliability, and customer service. It looks like BMW is going in a differant direction.
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