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OK, right off I have to disclose that I own 2 GSs, one an 2001,1150.The other,my favoite is an 1100 Black Beaury name of Miss Piggy. Both are wonderful motorcycles and while very similar, each has some strength andawbaks. The 1100 feels lighter and excellerates more freely and wants to settle down at 90 while the yellow belly bike has six speeds and that overdrive wants to keep the rpm low so it wants to ride around 75 or 80, but mostly 75, It has the power to go much faster but just not the heart. It is also sensitive to regular gas which my 1100 is not. Both bikes are equipped with olins and handel very well. In reality when I ride one afte some time for the othe I think how niceit is and how much I like it. Either way, I love them both.

Tthe problem is this damn tat thread has got me going again, It looks like the GSs, either one won;t be the desired bike for the trip and frankly I can feel that the madness has already taken hold. I must go. What is the best beast for the ride. I've been looking at this 650 Honda L tomight and wonder if I find a good deal if I should jump on it.

What do you thumper folks think is the best bike for comfort for a long ride that still maintaines the ability to reallywork those roads?

Thanks Bear

How much of that trip can be done on a loaded GS by a moderately slilled rider. I'm getten hotto try it and want some answers. If I have to buy a Honda I'll probagly do that but I'd prefer one of the GSs.

What do you think? Am I nuts or should I get a special bike for the trip and sell it when I'm done.? I need help here.
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