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Then on via Beatenberg and another tiny road (toll-road) to Sigriswil, with more impressive vistas to Lake Thun and beyond. Turning north in Sigriswill, following the signs to “Schwanden” first, just past Meiersmaad we turned right towards “Horrenbach“. Following the road, it soon turned into a rollercoaster, following the terrain to Eriz, where the road widens again.
After all the slaloming it was time for a coffee-break before the climb up the Schallenberg (1167 m). Past the crest it’s on to Marbach and Escholzmatt.
Obviously one of the local “racetracks”, as there were many more bikes about…

The last “Highlight“ was the Glaubenbüelenpass (1611 m), the road fairly wide to Sörenberg, narrowing down once past the town.
Up the pass it was on again for young and old…but the drop from the top brought some heavy bike-traffic, some of it not necessarily in their own lane….some just never learn!
In the valley it was past Lake Lunger for a photo-stop above the lake, a very scenic spot. While parked, a whole group of Fiat 500s passed….I never would’ve believed there’s still so many of them out and about!

Lake Lungern

At the Brünigpass

After that short interlude, there was more bend-surfing across the Brünigpass (1008 m) back to Meiringen and it looked like we’d timed our last break perfectly, as the roads were soaked by some very recent rain…. a day where our “weather-luck” held perfectly, despite the later reports of some heavy thunderstorms and flash flooding in some areas of the Bernese High Country.

And then came “Pizza-Night” !!
The walk around town the previous night had resulted in the choice of venue for our last night…the pizzeria next to the train station. It looked fine…with pricing distinctly in the upper region (around 13 – 14 € for a pizza!!)….but that’s Switzerland for you.
We’d booked a table for 10 and were looking forward to it..

Pizzeria in Meiringen

Things started slow, very slooooowly…food could only be ordered after the drinks were served….and the order of those was sloooow. No surprise then, when the wait dragged out…and out….until some HUGE plates appeared.
Huge plates allright, each could’ve taken 3 of the pizzas that sat on top !
Lots of big, wide crust…solid enough to use knives and forks vigorously.

Big Plate - Little Pizza

Have to give them one thing, though…the taste was fine. Things didn’t speed up when it was time to pay, the bill was “all-on-one”…
“You can split it between all of you”
Noooo, we didn’t want to…
“I’ll be back when I’ve got time then”…
Things didn’t stop there, some back/ forth about prices of this and that….but finally we made it out of the dump, let that be a warning to all future travellers to Meiringen: Stay away from the Pizza Shop!!

Toursheet Bernese High Country

All pics from day 3:
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