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Originally Posted by ZenMoto
I also have my BRP set up with the rICKY sTATOR (2X100W). I have them split, 1 to the rectifier feeding horn, signals, heated grips and tail light, and 1 to an AC regulator feeding a Baja Designs 8" halogen race light (not really legal here in CA, but they don't really inspect anyway so...).

The single 100w feed doesn't provide enough juice to give me adaquate power for the 8" light, even with a 55w bulb, so I'm trying to redesign the system as we speak.

However, I have converted all my signals and tail light to LED units which are far more duarble, and draw much less power! If you convert your signals to LED, note that you need a different flasher relay to provide the correct voltage to the LEDs or they won't work. The tail light unit I have is "supposed" to work as tail/brake light, but seems permanently stuck on "brake" so that's another thing I'm looking into. lol

I may sacrifice the horn and battery and go full AC just to get the light output I want. I don't really ride on the street anyway, I just have it plated so I can do dual sport rides like the LA to Barstow to Vegas, etc..

I'm glad to see a thread like this, as I'm in the middle of redoing everything. Please post up what works for you!


Whats your light doing? Is it just dim/yellow? I'm running a single 100W AC leg to my 8" light with a 100W bulb and its extremely bright. ???

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