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Doh ! At last !
After 28 pages and some time reading your story, I caught up....eventually

Damned ! this was goooooood, my friend. Vraiment excellent !
okay, you have a problem with women. nobody's perfect.
even if there's something still spinning with Guile.... so it seems.....

Started some time ago to read Nina's thread. hooked !
she's a fantastic photographer. we're really part of their trip.
then, i dont know why, I found your thread. and I remember having seen it previously. but with my interest for SA raised by Nina's, I started yours...
wow !
maybe your pictures are not as moving as Nina's, but your pen is really good, even for a non english reader.
it was a real pleasure to read you mate.
I knew we (cs geek) were able to write something more elaborate than for(int i=0;i<10;i++) printf("%s",names[i]);
Funny. Your mate Gavin reminds me of a special character: our dear Dexter. dexter morgan. serial murderer with an angel face !
and as with dexter with which I'm waiting for Season 4, I'm now waiting for the epilogue of this marvelous trip of yours.


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