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Originally Posted by ZenMoto
Basically, besides the flickering, it is just dim and yellow, as you said. I think the stock Baja Designs "DS kit" light put out as much light. My setup for that leg is currently 100W lead -> BD AC rectifier -> high voltage toggle switch (bar mounted) -> 8" race light. There's really nothing in the circuit to sap power, and even at consistant revs the light never gets really bright.

Originally I had the 100W bulb in there and thought the 100W feed might not be putting out enough juice to fully energize that bulb so I put in the 55W, but am getting basically the same amount of light. :(

So at this point I'm a little torn. I'd like to have the DC power and battery so my tail light stays on if the bike stalls, etc., but really am tempted to just chuck it and run the whole system AC.



You may have a ground that is suppose float as opposed to grounding to the frame off your rectifier.
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