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Mexico City Revisited (Again (and Again))

I seem to spend a lot of time in Mexico City!

My bike was due for a service, but Motoaltavista was busy so it took over a week. They had a *very* cool bike sitting on the floor:

Nir began trying to sell his KLR. We hit up museums, zoos, restaurants... Mexico City offers endless distraction.

I went into the Palacio Nacional, Mexico's version of our White House. I'm not normally a great fan of Diego Rivera murals (I prefer the dark drama of Orozco's) but this one was cool:

The old Mexican congress:

A sinking building. The camera is actually level!

I went to the Museum of Mexico City, which had a temporary exhibit on the history of Mexican wrestling. You have to click through to the original image to see the captions, "El Communista de (somethingunreadable)" and "El Destructor Nazi".

Nir and I went to the (very large) zoo and played with Madagascar cockroaches:

...and generally horsed around:

We hung out with Raul again. He had never tried Korean BBQ! For that matter, neither had Nir.

More Korean food... Mexico City has everything.

I mean *everything* (!)

...including naked protestors, just like home!

Finally the bike was ready and it was time to leave:

I said goodbye to Nir and to Raul, who I will miss dearly. But what I will probably miss most of all will be the TORTAS!!!

San Francisco to Panama and back... eventually?
How I Nearly Killed My Friends In Baja
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