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Cappadocia...Me, the missus and a pooch

After we had settled into our new abode we decided to head for one of the many of natures gifts to this amazing country. After touring Europe on Gold Wings, Valkyries and other assorted big capacity machinery we jumped on the only machine we had at the time, a Honda Falcon NX4. 400cc's of raw Japanese power. Looking after the wallet, credit cards and other essential was Cluj, the pooch we had acquired on a trip to Cluj Napoca in Romania

Juliet, God bless her, decided to forego her usual luxuries of everything including the kitchen sink. Everything we needed for a week on the road was packed into a pair of throwover Oxford panniers, a tank bag and Cluj's tummy.

We eventually arrived at Cappadocia and took in the scenery. The change hits you immediately from "normal" countryside to something else

Cluj, however, seemed fairly nonplussed by it all or maybe he was missing Jasper, Bique, Lucky and the rest

We stayed overnight in a half cave half house arrangement where we met.................
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