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After being released by the authorities I was slightly shaken, but couldn't help but have a big smile on my face. What a day.
I jumped on I-10, happy to just blast down a smooth interstate and thinking of the big margarita I was going to have in El Paso.

After an uneventful, but much needed no-tell motel I was clean, and ready to head west. My A.D.D kicked in - I decided I wanted a big change of scenery and time zone, so I set out for a buddy's house in Hermosa Beach, CA.
After riding west on I-10, I jumped off onto HWY 70.

I took a detour and checked out Coolidge Dam. The water was obviously very low...

As I rolled into Globe, AZ my rear tire went flat...
I stopped, found the hole, and put 2 plugs in it but didn't think it was going to hold...
Made it about 5 miles, stopped and put 4 plugs in to hole that was now much larger.

This one lasted less then 5 miles.
OK, time to stop being lazy, it wasn't going to get me anywhere...
I took the tire off the wheel to find a huge gash in the inside... not good. My largest patch barely covered it, and I didn't feel very confident about this either.
I did this work on the side of the road with lots of traffic, setting my Hi-Viz CamelBak 150 feet back propped up by my helmet to alert drivers.
I was surprised (kind of) how many Harley fucks rode on by and never stopped... I'm sorry but no matter what bike you're on when I see a guy by himself with his back wheel ripped apart on the side of the road I stop... but that's just me.

The patch lasted 10 miles or so...
Now I was stuck. I was near some campground and was pumping up the tire to try and make it there when this kind soul Mark stopped and asked if I needed help...
Yeah, we're going into Phoenix and can drop you at a hotel near bike shop".... Sweet!
They made room for my bike buy literally tossing one of their bike in the bed of the truck.

It was interesting because this guy was looking at me and talking about how lucky I was to have this freedom taking these kinds of trips, and I was looking at him out riding with his cool sons thinking of what I nice family he had.
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side right?

In the morning I bought a new (crappy Battleaxe) tire and was on my way.

A day on the freeway was boring, but gave me some spacing-out and thinking about weird shit time.

I was just west of San Deigo around sunset

After arriving in Hermosa Beach I went for sushi and drinks, and drinks, then some more drinks near the pier. Without disclosing the events of the evening, I ended up having a great time ( I think) and was very hung over. This hangover kept my in L.A. for another day...

[IMG]the%20GS%20had%20had%20new%20dents%20and%20scratch es,[/IMG]

L.A. to San Fan via 101

I stopped at the Fishermans Wharf and had some chowder and oysters for lunch...

After leaving San Fran I rode up the coast on 1 and camped in near Bodega Bay in the fog. Along the way I picked up some local grass fed beef for another great dinner... hmmm beef.....

It was 40 and sunny when I set out in the morning for a glorious day of riding along the coast.
I was so glad I had a A.D.D. moment in El Paso and rode to the coast when I did, as interesting as Texas was, the 100's of miles of the same brown ladscape and cold temps got real old pretty fast for me. This lush green scenery with the ocean backdrop was just what I needed.

After a great day of casual riding I set up camp at Big Lagoon county park near the ocean.

What seemed like days ago it was full and bright.

Morning sunshine!

Since I was here.... I had been saying I was going to go to Bend OR to visit a friend and today seemed like the day to do it... I get off of 101 onto 99 and head NE. Weather and roads are clear all the way supposedly.

It was so lush and bright green.. very beautiful.

I had studied the weather for some time, had talked to many people coming fro the North, and been in contact with my friends there. Yes, the roads are clear, yes you can make it over the passes.....

Since I was running out of daylight, I decided to take a shorter route over the Cascades to Bend, HWY 138. In hindsight it wasn't the best choice of roads....

The solid ice with gravel spread on top of it lasted about 70 miles.
The funny (now) thing was being terrfied and amazed at the beauty at the same time for so long. It took about 2.5 hours to get over the pass.

As the sun set I was coming down out of the mountains and the temps dropped fast, it was 22. Again, not the ideal riding temp, but once again the landscape and colors from the sunset kept my mind off it. And the looks from the occasional 4WD truck with snow chains pulling snowmobiles.

Near Crater Lake.

This would be the cop who wrote me a ticket on HWY 97 - he was nice enough and went fast to get me on my way in the cold... not nice enough to just let me off though....

After the ticket I thought I was in the clear, only 60 miles to Bend, I had just enough gas, and was going to survive the cold.
Then came the freezing fog. The last 40 miles were brutal, with ice on my faceshield and very low visibiliy. I rode with my hazards on...

This is what it looked like when I finally arrived in Bend.

After I arrived in Bend and started to thaw out, my friend informed me that a friend of her's was coming to pick us up in his limo to go out.
I thought she was kidding... she wasn't, and I found myself here:

I'm still in dirty camping clothes, no shower to find myself at a swanky bar in Bend where they served Absynthe...

What a night!

I stayed in Bend for a few days and had such a great time, watched Obama take the oath, did some shopping, listened to a cool young band play, and replaced the shitting BT something tire with a Pirelli... I can't beleive I made it over the ice without falling on this tire.

It was nice, but cold in Bend

Though I really didn't want to leave, but there was a break in the weather and a snow storm coming in... time to get back in motion. With some routing help from some ADV inmates in a thread I posted in Regional, I headed south on 97, planning to get back into the Redwoods forest on the coast.

It was 40 when I left, and about an hour into the ride the temp dropped to 34, ominous looking clouds and fog started to appear, and finally it started to rain.

Upper Klamath Lake in the rain.

The weather was completely shitty, cold and raining.
This whole time I still was amazed by the scenery, cloud formations, and times when I came around a curve, down a hill to a break in the fog revealing the wonderfully saturated countryside.
This was also one of the many moments I though about just how lucky I was to be in good health, live in such a great country where I have a great job, and where I can ride for thousands of miles through such great beauty.

Life is good.

I stopped for a light lunch and to thaw out.

HWY 66

I thought I was done with ice! Wrong.

I made it safely to Prarie Creek State Park, and found a campsite on the beach, after riding down the 6 miles down this snot covered, muddy road. It was worth it.

This campsite was too good to move so I head out unloaded to ride.
While out wandering in and out of Redwoods NP I found myself on this slick, muddy mountain road... where I had a few scary monents including almost going over the edge twice from sliding in the mud.
I stopped and thought about it, and thought about it some more. Time for a change, I'm really gonna hurt myself trying to ride the road bike where I really want to be half the time.
I looked on my phone, had service, called A+S BMW in Sacramento, got Ted on the phone, asked if they had a 800GS in stock, they did, and that was it. I was going to buy a GS.
Could I afford it? well..... I'm by no means wealthy and work my ass off so I can do things like this... but, I can swing it. if they finance me.

So that was it, I would leave very early am and ride on down to A+S....
The last night with the R...

Eating like a king!

I set out the next morning, determined to get to A+S before they closed.
It was wet, and lighty rained most of the way.

I arrived at 3:30, took a test ride, and at 7pm had this new bike, and made a new friend, Ted.

I can't believe I just did this!

I was going to go to a hotel and start working on installing the bags and transfer over my gadgets, but Ted Shred (ADV inmate of course) invited me to his house to work on my bike. Sweet.

We stayed up late getting the bike ready to tour...

The next moring Ted and I took a ride to properly break in a GS....

After a great first day on the GS I stayed at T S's house again, in good company.

The next day tragedy strikes...
After just leaving the dealer where they had adjusted the chain that had loosened greatly, this happened:

I was lucky being right down the street from Ted's, who was there in minutes with a trailer...
A+S did a wonderful job taking excellent care of the bike. Here's the thread so I don't have to get into it here:

Which leads me to the start of this thread.... I ended up putting my new bike on a trailer ( kind of weird for me, but they said the ride sucked this time of year and got nothin' to prove) down to Death Valley with a group of great guy, and met even more while I was there. We had a great time, and I will be riding with this group of guys again...
The Flying Duc !
Good Times.

I am on my way back to Sacramento with these guys to pick up some what are now the most expensive ADV stickers in the world that I've had shipped numerous time to try and catch up with me for the last 5 weeks...
I plan on heading back to coast the before heading south of the border, and then who knows where. I will try to update this as much as possible in the upcoming weeks while I continue the jouney on a 8GS!



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