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Originally Posted by BikerDav
can it cruise at 80 MPH comfortably. What's the tach at? what is the average range on a tank? can you run regular in it?
Some answers:

80 mph is no problem-o. I don't recall what the tach sez, but the F8GS is fine (& stable) at that speed. If you make a habit of freeway riding, you may want to gear up a bit, maybe add one tooth to the countershaft sprocket.

I go 230 miles on a full tank. And my bike's not yet broken in, only ~1,100 miles. YMMV.

At the 600 miles service the dealer remapped for regular fuel (no charge). You lose ~2hp, but it's imperceptible. There are too many places where premium is unobtainium.

Other will join in with more answers. BTW, buy a yellow/black one. They're faster

Cheers, M
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