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Wachs - First of all a tip of the hat to you for designing an absolutely bombproof piece of gear. As a rock climber, back country skier, and off road enthusiast I really appreciate the quality of fabrics and fastener components used in the GL bags. Awesome shit!!!

I've used my DirtBagz for over 20,000KM's of off road abuse in Laos, Cambodia and Thailand without too much issue. One weakness is they flop around a bit and have finally torn the female sleeve that fit over the hoop on the rack. Can see them moving in this pic:

Plus an exhaust leak melted the plastic adjustment buckles on one side so no adjustment anymore. Your GL bag will eliminate this weakness thankfully. When I left the states you were just designing the bag and it was not in production yet. Glad to see it come to fruition.

Question: On a typical two week trip on the EXC half my nights wil be in guest houses and half camping. Wondering if you may be missing out on orders from people who would like the option of getting their stuff off the bike easy. Is there any way to mount the bag so that the straps secure the bag to the bike but also allow the bags to be easily removed from the bike w/out having to remove the nuts? Or an easier solution would be just one long zipper w/two zipper pulls and I can just fab up an inner bag that yanks out easy. Thinking out loud here.

I know my suggestions are not needed on rides that only involve camping but wondering if there are other riders out there that do rides that also include the guest house/motel stopovers also, that would appreciate a way to get the load off the bike and into a room easier? Maybe some additional sales to be had with that market niche. Any ideas on achieving this I can do my self or is GL got anything in the works that addresses this issue?

Once again awesome design and back in the states next month to resupply and pick up a GL bag if I can make it work.
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