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Hey Cummo,

First of all, don't use any violence at all!!
Everything can be taken apart with a few tricks

To start, you'll need to remove all 8 of the nylon caps around the RB. To do so, get a sharp blade and just jab it underneath them and slowly lever them out of the aluminum casing.

Next up is removing the drive shaft. You'll have to turn the motor (with the help of a 12V power supply), so that you have access to the little allen grub screw, which is located on the far right hand side of the RB. Just right of the rubber ring. Simply loosen it a bit, but don't actually remove it from the shaft

Now that's done, you should be able to move the drive shaft from side to side a bit. Since the nylon cap on the left hand side is gone, you should be able to push the drive shaft a bit out of the RB casing. You may use a little force here and push against the rubber grip on the shaft. After having pushed the shaft out of the casing on the left hand side, you should be able to lift it up out of the casing on the right hand side. Remember to remove the rubber rings of the rollers on the shaft!

Next up are the other 2 shafts, with the turning knobs.
As I mentioned in my previous post they both have 2 different threads. Grab a pair of pliars and grab hold of one of the 2 shafts. If you're doing the bottom one, you'll have to turn the knob counter-clockwise (unscrewing it). If it's the top one, you have to turn it clockwise, also unscrewing it as it's a left hand thread. After removing the knobs, just push the shaft to the left, and lift it up on the other side.

To remove the motor, you see that there are 3 flat head screws holding it to the case. Simply remove them, and remove the motor.

Also, you'll notice that the drive shaft has 2 so called "sprag clutches" on it, where the belt drives sit on. Be careful not to swap them around, as they are supposed to only turn in 1 direction, and block in the other!!!

The best thing to do to clean the parts (sprag clutches, nylon parts, knobs), is to get a small cup and fill it up with some sort of cleaning/grease-killing substance, such as petrol. Let the parts sit there for about 30mins, take them out and clean them off with a clean cloth. The sprag clutches should get a couple of drops of oil. When turning them on the shaft you may notice a bit of crackling. This comes from the the little dirt/sand that's still in the part. Oil/grease will help remove this effect!

I hope I was able to give you enough info to get you started. In case you get stuck somewhere, just write back, mate!
Good luck
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