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it was a great time riding with you fools!
I've always been a solo rider, with no adventure buddys in chicago... I can ride with you guys anytime, and might have to just move out west... Even though you fuck around for hours in the morning till your hair is perfect and there's no food left.... . your riding skills and collctive humor make it ok though...

After saying bye to my new friends I set out at sunset , blasted up i5, got off on 20 , the down 16, scavenged for firewood, then camped at cache creek cg.
Riding the twisties on 16 at night was fun, the be has a great headlight...
It was a brisk 27 degrees this morning with frost on everything, I didn't use my rainfly for a better view last night.
I'm at a diner and just had amazing biscuits and gravy, almost as hood as the burritos yesterday!
I'm going to head up 29 and take some dotted line toads towards the coast, dialing it way back off road since I'm loaded and solo...

Sorry no pics, posting from my phone.
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