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Cool2 From Carrizo to Pozo and back again

Thanks to everyone for such a fun ride. It was good to see friends, both old and new.

I hope Chris and Joel didn't freeze solid going over the mountains last nights. It was getting pretty cold.

The lads that took the High Mountain Road from Pozo covered most of the first day route of CEDRIC. I hope everyone can join in on that one. (Joel, how about June 6-7?)

Did teddy make it back? (I think that's the name of DRZ rider that parked in Maricopa?) I last saw him at an intersection on the Pozo road, while we were waiting for Joel, Chris, Sopascat, and Sopasamber. He went ahead and headed north on a forest service road to 58 instead of the eastbound Pozo road I was expecting him to take. After Joel and the others came through I went north to see if he was waiting at 58 and he was not. I turned east on 58 and met Joel and crew at Pozo Rd/58. They had not seen him pass. I hope he was well ahead of them and found Maricopa safely.

And now a soapbox moment.

Thanks to all of you staying on the roads inside the National Monument. I know this may at times seem contrary to the "spirit of adventure" we are trying to enjoy on our rides, but to those of us that live in rural areas, the tire ruts running up the sides of the hills is just like grafitti on the sides of houses. Then it isn't long before the track becomes a trail, then a road. Over to short a time, we lose the "solitude" and "untouched" feeling that all of us enjoy about the Carrizo. These kinds of places have become so rare in the Southern California. Thanks for helpng it stay that way.
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