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tpar 1220,

I cannot join that site......its been abandoned by its administrator......If you are already a member then apparantly you can sign in.....but newbies like meself cannot join......Thats why I have come over here where its friendly and civil!
I have been able to do searches, and I have received some helpful answers to questions......What I was hoping though was.......that those who ride this Blog can avoid being so cheap on making mods...Not that I have any money to waste or burn, but I have learned in life, that its less expensive in the Long Run, to do it right and go ahead and spend the appropriate funds for an upgrade. It saves one alot a frustration, and especially when its a motorcycle, it can be much safer and more fun.
Yes the tw200forum is a great site, but something unfortunate has occured, and it appears to have died.

Back to the question anyone?

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