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BMW "Adventure" aluminum panniers for 800GS

Great thread! I thought I'd add my photos of recently purchased aluminum adventure panniers. Yes they are expensive, but they are really cool. Even though they are wide, in reality it's only a difference of a few inches between all panniers. The height is an important factor to me for adventure riding. I don't want my feet getting caught while paddling. The Jesse's are a nice bag, but I completely trashed mine on a 650GS single on the continental divide 2 years ago. Luckily I was unscathed, but the Jesse's were essentially irreparable.

My guess at volume on the 800GS panniers is that they are a few liters smaller than the 12GS ADV version because of some extra cutout on the tank fill side. But the difference isn't huge, maybe 5 liters? Either way they are substantially larger than the vario's and the mount is much nicer. Total install tie on these is about 45 minutes (really, no kidding). That included removing my tail safe. And the TT aluminum rack still works. In my haste I didn't weigh everything, but the cans are really light (probably lighter than the varios and I'm sure lighter than the Jesse's. The rack is pretty heavy. I'm pairing mine with my trust tailsafe. I use the tailsafe only for commuting and will use the big cans for shopping and trips. My 800GS is also my daily commuter.

One big advantage of the BMW panniers that I haven't seen mentioned is same key. I like having one key for my luggage and ignition. It just makes life easier to have fewer keys to muck with. I also think the 22+ inches of clearance (unladen bike/bags, and off center stand) is an advantage over the Jesse's. But the decision was tough for me. The same key system and ease of taking the cans on and off pushed the decision toward this system for me.

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