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The stock wiring is mostly done, but before I close everything up I'll add the sensors for Vapor speedo/tach.

Magnetic rotor bolt and speedo sensor.

The instructions gave you four options for sensing spark for the tachometer.
  1. Wrap the red wire around a spark plug wire.
  2. Jam the red wire in the spade connector to the coil.
  3. Pop a spade connector to the coil out of its plastic shell and wrap 1.5" of stripped red wire around to top of the spade and shove it back in the shell.
  4. Wrap the red wire around a spark plug under the water seal.
I chose option three.

It looks ok installed but I feel 'dirty' making a connection like that.

On the DR650 the temperature sensor can only go on the outer plug because the inner one is to far recessed. But the outer one is recessed too. That sensor was flat before I started.

Temperture sensor installed.

Plenty of wire for the speedo and tach, but the temp wire barely makes it.
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