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Focker - Love the name . I feel those quick release bolts may prove to be more hassle than they are worth. I would worry if they are mounted with the activation button mounted on the inside of the bag it could be accidently released by my toolkit, tent, stove, etc bumping it through the whoops, bumps and rocks. If the bolt were mounted on the inside of the plastic access to the buttons would be an issue. The holding capability of the quick release also needs to be confirmed it could hold with the lateral loads it would be taking on the dirt bike.

The studs and key chain rings I thought about already and fear they might not get a snug enough fit to keep the plastic from ripping.

I feel the simplest solution is to utilize the straps GL uses to compress the load. If two of those were mounted each side of the bike much like the bolt mounts, and one or two on the rear fender, then the straps could compress and secure the load to the bike. The webbing and metal buckles they use for their straps are plenty strong enough to secure the load assuming the mounting of the straps to the plastic is done correctly. Unless I am overlooking something and my idea is hair brained this seems a simple solution to achieve quick release capability. Instead of mounting a nut and bolt through the plastic you would mount straps to the plastic. On my 525EXC there are even exhaust bolt mounts and side panel bolt mounts to take advantage of for a secure mounting method.

Roll out of your sleeping bag or hotel bed, pack your GL bag, walk it over to the bike and throw it on. Six straps premounted on the bike are there to compress the load and tie it to the bike. Quick removal by simply releasing the six cam buckles. Removal would take under 10 seconds.

Love to hear Daves opinion on if this would work or not.
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