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Originally Posted by Night_Wolf
My experience is indeed with an 01 model and at one point it did have the "surging" problem, but I believe it was eventually fixed by one of the dealers (the bike belonged to my friend Susan) According to what I remember she was told to use Premium and I'm trying to remember if i also read it in her owners manual

I will agree it'll easily travel along all day at it's upper limit while fully loaded and it can even do 800 mile days and yes with a passenger (as Tedder asked). I never found it to be all that buzzy, but others are free to disagree
I used to have one and still have the pdf service manual. Definitely premium gas, 95 RON. The surging problem was fixed with a Dobek fuel tuner sold under the name Techlusion. Smoothed the bike out some too.

I've never ridden a Wee but it would seem clear to me that the Wee, with it's 6 speed twin is the better road bike and the GS with it's lower weight and CG for trails. Having said that, the GS is still a bit of a pig on the trails and there are lighter 650's out there. It can do long highway rides fine but it ain't no Goldwing. Then again, I'd gone down a tooth on the front sprocket for trails and paid a bit of a penalty on the hwy.

I know lots of people do it, but personally I think any 650 is too big for tight trails, but fine for double track kinda stuff.
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