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Originally Posted by Blinkerfluid
Well I figured to help get the tag moving, I'd just say what the tag is up front.. Figure this version of the game is more about riding and moving the tag more so than learning about ones local area through trivia based tag.. Also, if the tags are named up front, it might encourage people who are traveling to snag a tag and drop it somewhere else along there route.. I wouldn't think anyone traveling would be interested in trying to guess what the tag is.

I was going to add a distance rule, but didn't want to discourage anyone from participating if they couldn't move the tag very far, so I thought better of it.

I like the fact that you don't have to be a "googlemeister" to find the tag. I'd make a run to Kitty Hawk if I could manage a day off this week... but the work load isn't looking very good.

Cool game. I hope it takes off.
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