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I came up behind some other riders and was happy to sit on their tale. You never know when some big ass truck is going to be coming round the corner on your side of the road, so I was happy to let them take the hit first. After passing through some military check points, which it seems bikes dont have to stop for, we came to a village and the other bikes pulled over. I'm pretty close to the Tibet boarder so seemed like a good point to stop for tea. chatted with the other riders, then started to head back down into the valley.

Crazy that even in remote villages where people live on and below the poverty line,everyone is on a cell phone. By the way the average yearly income in Nepal is 25,000r about $350

Getting back into Kathmandu and the lovely traffic.

Theres one loop road round Kathmandu. Its a crazy mess of bikes, trucks, buses, buffalo and pedestrians. Its amazing to think that just back in the 50's there wasnt even a road into Kathmandu. I read the book Annapurna the first 8,000m peak, while I was hiking, and it told of how even though there was no road to Kathmandu, there was still a few roads and 100 cars in Kathmandu. how did they get there? Porters carried them over the mountains from India! 50 to 60 porters per car.

Driving round the ring road I saw two motorcycles go down within the space of 10 minutes. no one hurt, but on a daily basis the roads out in the country have buses and trucks that go over the side of the cliffs for one reason or another. Lately theres been a lot of talk in the papers about the drunk bus drivers.

The ring road

I wass heading out to the west side of town to check out a road Id come in on by bus. its the main road into Kathmandu and hooks up with the main road in from India. So its pretty crowded and today there had been a bus that had over heated on the steep climb over the pass.

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