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A.D.D. Kicks In Again

Thanks for all the kind words! I lived vicariously all summer through the RR's here, so I know how you feel - it helps to know someone's watching though, and will help me to stop more and update my progress...

Here's some photo's from the first night back solo.
With my new found love (GS) you'll find more photo's of the bike now, just about every shot I'd want to take looks better with it in it....

mmmm fresh meat....

Back on the road - early....

After riding DV with those guys, most dirt roads seem tame...

I stopped and chatted with this brave soul (pedaling up a mountain) who was a GS owner...

Did I mention how tame this all seemed after the times in DV I found myself blasting through the desert on rough gravel roads in the middle of the pack of madmen going 75 MPH, hardly able to see through the dust.... I have a feeling that was the peak of my trip, and everything else will just be compared to DV... at least until I'm in Mexico!

After riding for a few hours I found myself on HWY20, crazy how dark it gets with all the trees...

Back on the coast, riding a sweet new bike on the sweetest of roads, with perfect weather, about 68F. Again, life is good.
Looking at the calender, I realize it must be winter somewhere, but not for me - for now.

Just North of Rockport I was supposed to turn left into Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, to get on a dirt road to get to the campground of choice on the beach in a ORV (or whatever you calls it here) park. Unfortunately this was right where a 22 mile stretch of insanely tight twisties started and I totally forgot to turn, blasting north, dragging my boots, and and just having a blast.

The 8GS is JUST AS FUN and capable as my R in the twisties. It is different, but I think that the GS handles BETTER while loaded than my R did. side by side with no luggage the R would win, but my load really seems to effect the handling less - I also have about 25 pounds of less crap now too - tools, tripod, lenses, big top case, etc. Maybe it just feels faster, but I swear I can throw this bike around easier, it's very nimble for it's weight.
For those asking about a comparison.... Like Dan said they are 2 different bike with different purposes. The GS feels almost as fast, the engine is very responsive and with plenty of torque , the R is slightly more planted, but more work to ride. Both are amazing machines, I can't say which to buy, but if I wasn't going to loose my ass with my high mileage R I would sell it in a heartbeat... the GS has what I want - the fun factor is higher.
Just go ride them both and think hard about what kind of riding you want to do, if it's 95% street with the occasional gravel road, or 2 up touring, the R.
Doing what I do the GS is the obvious choice.
OK, back to the RIDE....

Since I overshot the turn and rode an extra 40 miles I was late coming into the "campground".

The campground was muddy, but right on the beach with only 1 other guy in a big, lifted Jeep.

Like I said, more pics of the new love - we're on our romantic honeymoon.

I had stopped in Fort Bragg at safeway and picked up some cajin pre-seasoned porkchops, rice, and Johnny Black.... was a delightful dinner by the sea, almost as good as the grub in DV.

It was very windy, so I used my rainfly. Another beautiful morning...

With the wonderful view I was in no hurry so I dried my ground cover.

Tempted to take advantage of legal off road riding I set out towards the beach, stopping before the sand got deep - call me a puss, but I did not feel like picking up my bike this morning.

Found at the entrance to the ORV park. Getting ready to head north on some dirt I took a long moment to think about what they were saying...

Below is where I camped.

About 3 miles down the path, I was surprised to see my gas gauge at 1/4!
I had just filled up in Fort Bragg, but had forgotten how hard I has ridden in the 22 miles of twisties, racing against the sun, and myself.
I stopped and studied the map, played with the GPS to find out it was at least 55 miles to gas going north. If the roads went through. According to Mr. Garmin it was 34 miles to gas going south, my bike's computer said I had a range of 31 miles....

AT least if I ran out of gas the view was nice...

I made it to Fort Bragg - barely, and had breakfast where I had it a few weeks ago. Crab Omlette, good stuff. I really need to be careful with $$ though, my whole budget is out the window with the new ride and crap to bolt on it... I skipped lunch. I guess I can always pawn one of my camera's to get home... LOL.
While sitting there I noticed a outdoors store, next to a hardware store...
an hour later I was bolting a couple of MSR bottles to my bike, borrowing a drill for a local NAPA shop, not wanting to be so limited with my range. I figured it gives me an extra 40 miles if I take it easy... $50 now instead of an expensive SPOT HELP call later I justified...

Yes, I know it's upside down...

After getting on my way, I had another A.D.D. moment - since I was pointing south, and was ready for a change of scenery I just kept heading the way I was going - south. Perfect weather, perfect roads, lots of good food, safe places to camp - yes it's great and all, but I need some drama! Mexico is calling!

After a days ride on HWY1 I was disappointed to find out that ALL 4 of the campgrounds on the map in Point Reyes NP are hike in and not accessible for me.
I went to the State park about 6 miles away and found a nice secluded campsite....

While fidgeting with something on my bike I heard something behind me... a frickin raccoon was stealing my sandwich - 5 feet from me!
Brave little fuck.

We played games for an hour, him trying to run and grab when I turned my back, me chasing it, finally I just gave him half my sandwich and we sat there and ate.
Good company, didn't talk too much...

Playing with the D90, drinking scotch...

I was up before sunrise and packed fast... about 15 minutes and I was rolling.

Again, another picture perfect ( for lack of better words) morning.

I had changed my oil at 600 miles in DV, but wanted to have BMW do the inspection before I go into Mexico, so I went to Marin BMW, just north of San Fran... they're sorting out the bike, tightening up a few things I worked loose, and I'm eating around the corner.

I will be heading to L.A. where I'll regroup, wash up, and get ready to head further south.

In the next few days I will post more photo's from DV, there's sooo many....
I will do my best to answer any direct comments asap, the waitress is growing impatient with me being here so long - lunch is starting soon she said, with a evil eye...
Until then, Cheers!

I'm going to feel this later!!!

Photography for me is not about recreating what I saw through
the viewfinder but to show people the way I want to see the world.

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