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made it out of the valley and sat off down a hillside for lunch to watch the traffic slowly winding its way into Kathmandu.

The road surface is actually pretty good here, but you still have to watch out for potholes and trucks on the wrong side of the road. Road rules here are, the bigger you are the more right of way you have.

Heading back to Kathmandu I stopped at a quarry Id been at the day before. This seemed to be the local hang out place. there's no heavy machinery working the quarry just people breaking rocks by hand for 60r a day, less than a dollar.

This girl is one of the rock breakers.

They start them really young here, everyone does their bit to support the family.

at another part of the quarry they were even shooting a Bollywood moive
The director explains what he wants.

Then he calls for "action"

since it was a Saturday, girls were out, dressed up for the day. I got chatting to these two, rachana and Saru.

Saru decides to try her hand at rock breaking

Like other Asian countries 3 or 4 people on a bike is considered normal. The girls and I were getting along nicely so they suggested we go get dinner back in town, they didnt give it a second thought as to both of them getting on the bike. but through sign language and bad english I gathered that the police will stop you for having more than one person on a bike, but no problem them girls know where the cops are and so just before some intersections they would tug at me and one would jump off and walk for a 100 yards and sure enough there would be a cop, then theyd jump back on and off we went again.
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