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Glad youse guys like the photo's - it's all about the lighting... I must have drivin' my neighbors crazy with my SB-800 flash doing long exposures, muliple flash shots.... though the one you likey was all natual lighting.

Originally Posted by bajesus
didn't realize you were headed back up north after death valley. i'm in SF and would loved to have hooked up for a beer... my brother (spenserj87) met up with you at A&S last week and i've been following your current trip since he linked me up.

btw, we have many of the same toys... GS, D90, MacBook Air... and definitely the same interest in travel.

keep the stories and the pictures flowing...
Wish I'd have known, your brother told me of your travels - you are MY hero....
Freelancing can be stressful, but great, eh?
Ah, the freedom and the chaos...

I blasted through SF and am just south of Santa Cruz... I could take a day and head back north, would love to hear your tales and have a beer or two....

email me if you're around.

so far so good with the bmw vario bags... I'll let you know what I think AFTER I drop the bike on them....

frikin expensive campground, epic sunset, and I did get me first shower ( ahh the glory of a clean ... body) in quite some time + it's the first time I actually payed to camp since DV so it's a even wash... to make up for the $25 campsite I'm eating 75 Ramen tonight - like in college.
I passed on the ridiculous $8 a bundle firewood, with no where to scavenge...

After talking with my Dad I'm really in no hurry to ride home to -20F temps with blowing snow... the ride home is gonna be brutal...
I might be 30 something years old, but being away from home for 7 months takes help...
This journey wouldn't be possible without the support team at home to help me along - shipping stuff, scanning mail, fending off the sherriff with warrants, etc. thanks Dad! you rock!

Everyone thank Big Larry for his support of my crazy adventures!

until next time, take care, goodnight, and for crists sake neuter your pets!

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