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Originally Posted by BikerDav
Considering a 800GS. I have a couple of questions. First, what is the valve adjustment interval. Second, can it cruise at 80 MPH comfortably. What's the tack at? Third, what is the average range on a tank? Lastly, can you run regular in it? On the BMW web site it says Premium but I have also seen that you can run regular. Thank you!

1. The valve adjustment interval is listed in the Owner's manual. I can't remember, but it's very far out. Like 15,000 or 25,000 miles or something to that effect. It's a Rotax engine. You'll have no problems. Period.

2. This thing cruises more comfortably at 80mph than any bike I've ever ridden. I feel more relaxed and comfortable even at 90mph on this bike than any sport bike or cruiser for that matter. The suspension has a lot to do with it. The suspension on this bike is far superior to most stock sport bikes and cruisers. Of course it won't be able to compete with the R1200GS or a freakin' GoldWing or something, but it's quite amazing how nice this thing cruises for such an off-road oriented bike.

3. Avg. Range is 220-240, depending on conditions and load.

4. BMW recommends 91 RON. RON (Research Octane Number) is the fuel rating in Europe and most of the world. In the States we use PON (Pump Octane Number). When you convert 91 RON to PON, it figures out to be in between 87-89 PON here in the states. That's low to mid grade. You can get it converted at the dealer to run 85-87 PON regular if you want though. Everywhere I've been in the states has 87-89 oct though, so I opted out.

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