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This is a huge debate. You have the guys that have a relationship with a dealer tell you that you can get a great discount and first time buyers tell you there is no discount. Some of it will depend on the location and the number of dealers, ie competition. I'm sure the economy is having some affect, however I just talked to my dealer who said they had a great December.

I'm sure that you can find some deals out there. The thing to keep in mind is its a new model for 2009, the sales for this bike are hot and although there may not be a waiting list anymore I don't believe you are going to find discounts in the $2K range. Discounts on accessories - probably not.

In fact the price of the bike just increased as of Jan 1. Now whether dealers have increased their price or not, I don't know. It comes down to whether you like the bike or not. If you like it then $500 bucks isn't going to make that big of a difference. If you can get a $1K discount then its certainly worth some time. Everyone has an opinion. The only opinion that matters is what your friend is willing to pay.

Do a search for F800GS pricing and you will find all kinds of opinions.
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