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'87 XR250 + a box of parts = project time

I couldn't pass this deal up, it's titled, didn't cost much at all and it's all there (as far as I could see). Plus, I love a good project!

I was able to score some info from the previous owner (PO) and a couple of receipts that were in the box. The receipt, from Al Bakers XR's Only, says that, in May of 1994, a NIKS rod kit, 76mm piston and a gasket kit were ordered. Another receipt suggests the cylinder was "Bored 120" of an inch - Honed w/ a Rigiotner flex hone: .0015" clearance as per customer's orders, would recomend more" .

Apparently, from what the PO told me, soon after this work was done the bike was not ridden for too long because the bike aparently started smoking soon after the work was done. They took the bike in to a dealer who quoted about $2000 worth of work and they said no. Ever since then the bike's top end and other parts have been sitting in boxes. He thinks the valves weren't adjusted right. I'm not sure what to think.

Did the bike run low on oil? Did an oil line get clogged? After these upgrades were done, was something not done correctly? I'll have to figure these things out. I need to buy a service manual before I get started. I'll probably end up splitting the cases because who knows what's in there after all these years....It will be a little while before I can get started on this project but it will get done and it will get done right. Here are some pictures from today:

The bike:

Couple of boxes:

Top end:

Pictures of the piston:

Rebuild threads:
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